The Barbarian Age

Until approximately two millennia ago, mankind lived in what would later be called the Barbarian Age. It is generally agreed that the Barbarian Age began with the first migrations of mankind from the south toward the equator. At the start of this age, sorcery was virtually unknown and powers of the mind had not yet been discovered; in this age, the savage gods ruled over man. This age began with mankind as nomadic hunters and gatherers, driven by survival and the whims of their harsh gods into new lands.

As the tribes spread and scattered farther apart, resources were more abundant and warfare receded. Mankind began to learn agriculture and settled down into villages that would one day grow into fledgling cities. The demands of their gods did not lessen, however, and even as mankind invented the wheel and writing, their ancient gods insisted on constant devotion and sacrifice.

In secret, some men and women of this age discovered sorcery and silently coveted its power, unfettered by devotion to the capricious gods. Some of these grew to such power as to manipulate the gods, setting their passions against each other and increasing their own influence while the gods battled. In time, many of these powerful sorcerers took on forms that reminded mankind of the most powerful creatures of the time and they became the daragkarik, or dragon kings.

As the Barbarian Age came to a close, the new dragon kings overthrew the cruel priesthoods and promised the tribes a more civilized, enlightened alternative. Followers flocked to the dragon kings, turning their backs on the gods, and beneath the guidance of the dragon kings, the tribes of mankind prospered.

The Barbarian Age

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