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The Last Age of Khitus

Here you will find a sample from the histories of the Gare Attessa, once the chroniclers of the dragon kings themselves. It is said they secretly carve these histories into the Black Record, a timeless account meant to survive long after mankind is dust. May their words guide you well.

Shattered Hopes of a Broken World

When you read of our past, only then do you truly appreciate all we risk losing. In the prehistory of the Barbarian Age was walked out of darkness, our path led by the dragon kings. Under their tutelage we grew into the Classic Age, full of wonders. As the dragon kings withdrew, they entrusted us with the Age of the City-States, and we first began to fail them. Finally, we have entered the Last Age, and whether we will ever emerge from it is unclear.

The Barbarian Age
The Classic Age
The Age of Decline
The Last Age

The Tribes of Man

Mankind’s cradle was the fertile southern hemisphere, the place of our origin. In time, limited resources, plague, famine, and war drove the Tribes of Man out of their home and into new lands to the north. Five tribes are known to us in this age, though perhaps others exist beyond the fringes of our experience.


The Others

When mankind first marched out of the south to Khitus’ equator, the young race discovered it was not alone. In the equatorial rainforests they discovered the arboreal Penmai, perhaps not-so-distant cousins to Man. They also discovered the strange Pachyaur, whose own ancient memories hint that they may have come from a world beyond Khitus. Then there are the emergent races, or the usurpers to those less inclined to optimism. Greater intelligence and consciousness are new to the insectoid Krikis and reptilian Oritahl and it remains to be seen whether they will use it to replace us.


Factions on Khitus

For thousands of years, civilization was built upon the tribe. Even under the dragon kings, the cities and kingdoms of the Classic Age reflected the tribes who had built them. Alliances were secured by inter-tribal marriage or the exchange of heirs to be raised in a tribe not their own. But in Khitus’ decline, tribal bonds have weakened. Now new power structures threaten to replace tribal affiliation. Today, factions gain power as the cities and the tribes that founded them grow fragile and fade away.

Bev al-Khim – Pale-skinned agents of the Black Fortress
Boneshards – Assassins who conceal weapons within their own flesh
Dramidge – Sorcerers devoted to the wild dragons
Gare Attessa – Ancient chroniclers and royal attendants
Kuad Ahir – The Awakened, followers of the Prophet
The Merchant Dynasties – The caravan masters who ply the sands
Nyutu – Transient entertainers with unique powers of the mind
Qath Manhir – Brigands and enforcers with a strange sense of honor
Quietus – Sorcerous moneylenders and fixers
Raetann – The water guild, controlling Khitus’ most precious resource
Rakar – Sorcerers who use slave decoys to draw sorcery’s wrath
Shadazim – The emerging clergy of the reawakened gods
Trakeen – Worshippers of the departed dragon kings

The World of Khitus


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