The Last Age of Khitus

The world of Khitus, I fear, has entered its last age. Once, centuries ago, the wise and powerful dragon kings guided the tribes of mankind out of feral barbarism to seek our better natures. We built cities and civilizations, raised verdant farms and rich cultures, and saw only good days ahead under the shade of their mighty wings.

But over the centuries, for reasons unknown to us, the dragon kings left us. Abandoned us. Some say they had their reasons, that they left to fight a battle for our future. Regardless, without their watchful gaze, our baser instincts emerged. Greed, envy, wrath…tribe warred against tribe and clanmates murdered their own. And while we turned upon ourselves, the Black Fortress came to pillage our world. In ages past, Khitus was bountiful beyond imagining, but that was before everything was stripped from her. Even the rains and seas are being stolen from us and only a dry dust remains in their place.

We have entered our last age, the final days of mankind. To many, our death is inevitable. But to some—a hopeful few—there remains a dream that heroes can reverse this apocalypse. And should these heroes arise and shine brightly, perhaps the dragon kings will see their actions and return to aid them.

The dreamers hope that within these fires, we can forge something better.

Forge of the Last Age

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