The Last Age

The Chroniclers of the Gare Attessa generally mark the arrival of the Last Age as the time when the Black Fortress suddenly appeared in the equatorial forests of Khitus, approximately two hundred years ago. Since then, Khitus’ slow march towards ruin has accelerated.

Though the climate had already shifted before this present age, the rapacious emissaries of the Black Fortress only hasten its dire effects. The Bev al-Khim, also known as the Pale, scour the face of the world, buying up its resources with a seemingly limitless supply of silver and gold. What the Black Fortress cannot buy, it steals, diverting the precious rain, lakes and seas using sorcery. Meanwhile, cruel marauders raid caravans or attack desperate villages, pillaging goods and enslaving people. Beyond the conscious plundering of the planet, the mysterious Iron Virus devours steel like a plague, turning it to a rust-colored dust.

On top of all of this misery, new races are rising up to challenge humanity. Some of the reptilian Oritahl have displayed intelligence beyond their usual savage instincts, but unfortunately often swear allegiance to pretenders from the Black Fortress masquerading as dragon kings. Also, some of the warriors of the insectoid Krikis have broken from the hive mind to develop individualism and initiative. Tragically, that initiative has led to the Chitin Wars, as they aggressively expand into traditionally human-controlled territory.

In the midst of all this upheaval, social change has rapidly shifted the traditional dynamics of human civilization. The Shadazim call to the ancient gods and reawaken them from their slumber, as they work to re-establish previously discarded faiths. And recently, the Prophet and his eight disciples emerged from the dark prisons of Shomik and have spread not only a creed of peace and acceptance, but also the largely-lost powers of the mind. As resources thin and the world grows more desperate, new power structures erode the tribal bonds that most of humanity has relied on for millennia.

Most consider this the end of days; the final dying gasps of mankind. But a few believe that the world is darkest just before the dawn and that new heroes are going to rise and save us all.

The Last Age

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