The Age of Decline

Roughly a millennia ago, the dragon kings began to withdraw from the world. At first, they were seen rarely, sometimes disappearing for years. Later, they would depart from the world entirely, never to be seen again. Many of the dragon kings, knowing they were abandoning the world of mankind, attempted to leave power structures in place. Their intentions were good, establishing governments and institutions that they felt they could entrust to watch over the tribes as they had. But as the dragon kings abandoned the world, the baser natures of mankind emerged.

Many institutions established by the dragon kings grew corrupt and greedy. Some remained pure of rule, but were overthrown by more ambitious upstarts. Great kingdoms of reason and peace fractured into city-states ruled by despots and warlords. The people cried for their dragon kings to return and save them, but their cries fell on deaf ears. Wherever the dragon kings had gone, they did not return to save their tribes from themselves.

Sorcerers, suffering under the wrath of their own awakened power, became hunted. Once revered magical colleges were razed and their members were condemned and executed. Sarhaks, those who practiced the powers of the mind, were not immune to these witch-hunts. It is even believed that sorcerers, jealous of the powers wielded by the sarhaks, encouraged the persecution of their psionic kin.

In the background of all this strife, the very planet began to change. In the north, a great glacier spread, burying once fertile lands under miles of ice and snow. In the south, vast prairies grew dry and turned to parched desert. Where once life-giving rain had frequently touched the earth, instead dark and vast sandstorms scoured the land. It seemed as if Khitus were mimicking the darkness that had consumed mankind.

The Age of Decline

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