The Prajalu tribal migration reached the equatorial forests before any of the other tribes of mankind and they proceeded to scatter settlements across the western pasturelands on the edges of the vast rainforests. There they lived simply for centuries, living in rural villages while the Attites and Makadan built towering cities. As a result, they received a reputation early on for being idle and provincial, quaint but skilled craftsmen, but almost beneath notice or concern.

That changed on the Night of Nine Dark Feasts, when over five hundred Attite and Makadan nobles and attendants were poisoned in retribution for deeply insulting the Prajalu royal family. The reprisals for the mass assassination were swift; the Prajalu royal family and anyone with even a distant claim to that throne were wiped out. But their reputation for being lazy and backwards has now given way to a darker reputation for poison and assassination.

Prajalu stand a bit shorter than humans in the other tribes (aside from the Chindi), but they value muscular, lean builds. They are very fair in complexion, with blonde to white hair and light colored eyes. Loose, billowing clothing is common, often light blouses, shirts, and pantaloons and modest jewelry, though their tribal pride in their athletic bodies and commitment to hygiene make it fairly typical for Prajalu warriors to wear very little at all.

The darker rumors about the Prajalu are rooted in tribal misunderstanding, though they all have a kernel of truth to them. The Prajalu do hold poisoners, herbalists, and alchemists in high regard, though they are not any more murderous than the other tribes. The reputation that Prajalu are children-thieves comes from a custom where any Prajalu adult can invoke a combat challenge to claim a newly-born child. However, this is rarely evoked and usually by jealous cuckolds or romantic rivals, and regardless of who wins, there is immense social pressure for the child to be raised well. Finally, the Prajalu marry freely as many times as they wish, which leads to large extended families. Outsiders interpret the familial jealousies and drama as scheming and backstabbing, giving them the reputation that they are not to be trusted.


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