The tribe of Nordor settled beyond the Known Lands, north beyond the equatorial forests in cold, glacial mountains and boreal woodlands. Despite their homeland being removed from the other tribes, it is not uncommon for Nord to travel south for opportunity or adventure, and they believe they will have a significant role to play in the fate of Khitus. Compared to the other tribes, the Nord are downright optimistic, flush with the belief that their best days are ahead of them, perhaps because their lands have not yet been decimated like those of the south.

The Nord are stocky and muscular with pale or grayish skin and typically dark hair, though the rare “redhairs” are said to have legendary virility. They have wide faces and dark eyes, sometimes even have fully black irises. Their clothing tends to be made of furs and leathers, with layers depending upon the local climate, though they always weave in small pieces of iron etched with decorative shapes. Their armor and weapons will also often be etched with similar shapes, though many times these are tell decorations tell tales of battle or other personal triumphs.

The Nord homeland is made up of feudal chiefs and barons who hold onto power as long as they are able. Ruthlessness and corruption are common, as are the coups they encourage. Many a Nord has traveled south seeking adventure and glory, intent on returning to their home someday to overthrow their original leader and declare themselves chieftain.

The Nord value initiative and cleverness among their own kind, but are slow to truly trust outsiders. Proud and stubborn, if their trust is extended and betrayed, it is nearly impossible to win it back. Their pride is also easy to insult and blood feuds are common.

Compared to the other tribes of mankind, the Nord are less concerned with the disappearance of the dragon kings, as they never had as much influence in the north as they did in the south. The old gods, however, never truly left the Nordran people and they remain faithful to the savage, animalistic deities.


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