Though it was not always so, in recent history the Makadan have been identified by their martial and stoic culture. Today they are proud warriors, but once the Makadan were scholars and merchants, the first tribe to build great cities even long before the rise of the dragon kings. In ages past, the Old Countries of the southeast were the heart of Makadan civilization, but today the Old Countries suffer under the slow death of the world and it is the more far-flung Makadan colonies that still stand proud against the dark destiny that surrounds them.

Makadan tribesman tend to be tanned from their martial training, though their skin tone can range from fair to dark brown. Black or brown hair is common, as are brown eyes, though gold and gray eyes are also known among their tribe. Wide noses and oval faces tend to identify those of the Makadan.

Makadan fashion is often utilitarian, but they very commonly wear leather-hide sandals with straps that sometimes wrap up to their thighs. They also frequently used solid-colored strips of cloth or robes to signify military rank or civilian standing.

Though most the Makadan tribe focuses on combat, their obsession with self-perfection even extends to those who remain scholars or tradesmen. Makadan scholars are single-mindedly focused upon their studies and their merchants are often trustworthy, but drive a hard bargain.

The lynchpin of the Makadan cultural identity is the Kod, a secret oral tradition memorized by its adherents. It is their Warrior Code, focused on recognizing one’s own strengths and frailties, as well as those of your allies and enemies. The teachings of the Kod are remarkably egalitarian; gender makes no difference among its adherents, and physical strength is no more or less significant than other strengths. However, the Kod is sacred and is never shared outside the tribe; those who reveal its teachings outside the tribe are punished severely.


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