The farthest ranging wanderers of the human migrations, the Attites spread throughout the north and east when they emerged from the southern homelands. Their story is tinged with suffering, however, as they were also the first humans to fall prey to Watu slavers. They have not forgotten generations in servitude to those cruel pachyaur. Their lands have also suffered greatly since the disappearance of the dragon kings, though they persevere with a determined, but fatalistic, outlook.

The Attites are lean of face and body and the lightest-skinned of their kind are an olive tone, while darker skin tones are common. Their eyes tend to be green, hazel, or brown and brown hair is the most common, often wavy or curly, but the rare blonde or black hair color is seen as a blessing. Attite fashion tends towards robes and dresses, with multiple layers of increasingly lighter fabric and brighter colors being a sign of wealth and nobility. Ornate walking sticks are also fashionable, often bearing carvings of one’s affiliations, family ties, or personal history.

Attites are renown for their level-headedness and diplomacy. Though they do study martial pursuits, these are always secondary in Attite culture to reason and negotiation. Those from other tribes often complain about conversing with Attites, an experience foreigners can find to be frustratingly deep and time-consuming. However, perhaps due to their history in the Watu slave pens and the currently bleak outlook of the world, Attites also tend to have a starkly deterministic—perhaps fatalistic—view of existence. Attites have a tendency to believe more strongly than other tribes that the deterioration of Khitus is irreversible and that mankind has two choices: adapt or perish.


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